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Tips For Safe Package Shipping For Small Businesses

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As a small or home business owner, you may be handling most of your packaging of products on your own. It’s vital that you manage the cost of shipping and supplies, along with avoiding unnecessary waste or the danger of damage. The following tips can help you better package your parcels so they arrive in one piece on your customers door steps. Tip #1: Use the Right Boxes It may be tempting to use any box you happen to have lying around. Read More»

Safety & Service: Guide To Choose The Best Limo Service

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Riding in a limousine should be a carefree experience that is memorable and exciting. This is the reason you should make sure you choose the best limo service you can, instead of choosing one hastily. The following guide will help you find a limo service that should offer peace of mind.  Focusing on The Service Chances are you are already know what quality of limousine you want. But now you want to make sure the service matches your expectations. Read More»

Safety Tips For New Long-Distance Truck Drivers

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Long-distance truck driving is an extremely important job. Without truck drivers, deliveries and goods wouldn’t make it to destinations on time, which could cause a shortage of necessary supplies. Unfortunately, long-distance truck driving is also a dangerous job. In fact, one out of every 10 highway fatalities occur in an accident involving a large truck. Safety is extremely important for all truck drivers, but if you’re new to driving a big rig, there are several safety tips that you need to know. Read More»

4 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe When Hailing A Taxi

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Taxis are by far the easiest way to get around a town when you don’t have a car–but how can you be certain that you’re getting into a real cab? It’s important to keep yourself safe when hailing a taxi because there are so many crimes that occur throughout the city. 1. Always Study the Taxi Driver’s Credentials A legitimate taxi driver from a place like A New Day Radio Dispatch, Inc. will have credentials posted in their vehicle in a place that is easy for you to read–usually directly behind the front passenger or driver seat. Read More»