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Tips For Safe Package Shipping For Small Businesses

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As a small or home business owner, you may be handling most of your packaging of products on your own. It's vital that you manage the cost of shipping and supplies, along with avoiding unnecessary waste or the danger of damage. The following tips can help you better package your parcels so they arrive in one piece on your customers door steps.

Tip #1: Use the Right Boxes

It may be tempting to use any box you happen to have lying around. Unfortunately, not only does this look unprofessional, overly large boxes may cost more to ship and they can increase the chances of damage. It's a good idea to order boxes in sizes that match the items you are shipping. If you ship many different items, order boxes in the most common three sizes that you need. You can even get boxes made of fully recycled (and recyclable) materials if you are worried about excess waste. 

Tip #2: Don't Skimp on the Cushioning

You have many options for cushioning, but the goal is to avoid waste and to skip items that may annoy the customer. Even though biodegradable packing peanuts are inexpensive, they are also messy. Instead, consider using air-filled packing bags. These are also inexpensive and you can get bags made of recycled plastic. Biodegradable foam sheets are another option. Even items that aren't breakable, like clothing, need to be wrapped appropriately to protect them from moisture. Place these into a thin plastic or Tyvek mailer bag.

Tip #3: Tape It Up

Fiber-enforced packing tape is the best option because it won't split open like regular packing tape can. Make sure to tape over both the top and bottom seam of the box, even if the box bottom flaps are already glued into place. Glue can weaken and give out, whereas the tape is more likely to hold. 

Tip #4: Address With Caution

Hopefully, you can import shipping addresses directly from your order forms. This minimizes the chances of transcribing errors compared to typing up the addresses yourself. Don't hand write labels, either, since this increases the chances of delivery error if the label can be read properly. A laser printer is best since the ink won't run when wet. Also, print on moisture resistant label paper. If you do use an inkjet printer, seal the label with clear packing tape to prevent against moisture damage. 

For further help with managing package shipping for your small business, contact a local parcel delivery service (such as CTS Taxi).