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Tips For Staying Safe When Taking A Cab Ride

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Riding in a cab alone, and especially in a strange city or part of the city, can be daunting. You have probably heard of theft or attack cases on cab drivers. The reality is that cab rides are safe, but you can't afford to be complacent about your safety because not everybody is good. Here are a few measures to keep you safe during your ride:

Don't Hail a Cab from the Street

Many attacks or thefts that occur to cab drivers involved cars not licensed to operate as cabs in those areas. Therefore, one way of protecting yourself is to ensure you get into the right cab. The best way to ensure you are getting into the right cab is to order a cab, by calling or using an online app, rather than hailing for one on the street.

Get the Cab Number

When you order for a cab, get its number and confirm it when the car arrives. That way you are certain of getting into the right vehicle. You can also take a picture of the cab number and text it to a friend. There are several advantages of this precaution. For example, it ensures that you can easily be located should anything happen to you. The cab number also comes in handy if you are dissatisfied with your ride and you need to lodge a complaint.

Sit in the Back Seat

Another useful precaution is to forgo the front seat and sit in the back seat. For one, this makes you less visible not only to the driver but also to other passersby who might make you their target. For example, passersby can more easily spot your gold-plated smartphone if you are in the front seat than if you are in the backseat. Also, by sitting in the middle of the back seat, you make it difficult for thieves to grab your valuables should they manage to open the doors or windows during stops.

Know Where You Are Going

Lastly, it also helps to know where you are going before taking a cab ride. This will help you to know when the cab driver is way out of your route. You don't have to know exactly how your route looks like; after all, the driver may take a shortcut to avoid local conditions, such as ongoing constructions. However, you should have a general idea of the geography of the area and how long it takes to get there.

For example, you should be concerned if your destination is within the central business district and the driver is clearly headed out of town. Your safety antenna should also be up if your 30-minute ride takes a couple of hours for no reason.

Use these tips and, hopefully, your ride will be smooth and safe. Once you have identified a reliable and safe company, stick to it to decrease your risk of dangerous incidents. Who knows, the cab company may also reward you with some discounts.