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4 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe When Hailing A Taxi

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Taxis are by far the easiest way to get around a town when you don't have a car--but how can you be certain that you're getting into a real cab? It's important to keep yourself safe when hailing a taxi because there are so many crimes that occur throughout the city.

1. Always Study the Taxi Driver's Credentials

A legitimate taxi driver from a place like A New Day Radio Dispatch, Inc. will have credentials posted in their vehicle in a place that is easy for you to read--usually directly behind the front passenger or driver seat. Make sure that you compare the photograph in the credentials with the driver and read over the other information to make sure it sounds accurate. 

2. Never Get Into an Unmarked Cab

This should go without saying, but because ride share applications have become so popular, people have gotten used to getting into unmarked cars. This is never a good idea. If you have not called the car yourself, you should not get into it. Anyone can pretend to be a driver for a ride share service.

3. Always Ask Them to Verify Your Name

People can tell when someone is waiting for a cab. They can see you on your phone, looking around and waiting. So, they may just pull up and pretend to be the cab you're waiting for. Always ask them what the name is of the person that they're picking up and do not get into the car if they get your name wrong. You can call the taxi company back right away to make sure that you made the right decision.

4. Give Them a Route

Rather than just telling the driver where to go, give them a specific route that you want them to travel. This ensures that you don't end up in a location that you don't know. Try your best to route yourself through a city and through popular areas. If anything seems strange or if the driver suddenly veers off course, you should feel comfortable asking to get out of the vehicle. And if the driver refuses to let you out, you should immediately call emergency services.

As long as you follow the above tips, you should be able to keep safe while hailing a taxi. Just remember that, in general, ride share applications are less safe than traditional taxi companies because the background checks are not as extensive and because the cars are usually not marked.