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Why You Can't Just Drive Your Dump Truck To A Far Away Location

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If you have to transport dump trucks to another location, your first thought might be to have drivers take the street-legal trucks on the road. Many dump trucks are not street-legal and would require special transportation, so to save money, some people might think the trucks that are allowed on streets and freeways should just be driven to the new location. However, that's not a good idea if the location is far away. 

The Fuel Economy Is Terrible

Dump trucks really don't get the sort of fuel economy that makes driving them for a long distance a good idea. A street-legal dump truck can certainly be driven on the streets or freeway to a local destination. But anything more than that just uses up gas like there's no tomorrow. It would be cheaper to have the trucks transported instead.

The Wear and Tear of the Drive Adds Up

Short drives aren't going to do much to the trucks, but long drives will increase the wear and tear on the dump trucks by a substantial amount. Having the dump trucks transported by another company eliminates this problem as the trucks are secured to a flatbed trailer. The dump trucks are still exposed to the elements and bumpy roads may still affect the suspension systems a little bit, but the flatbed's suspension system will absorb much of that shock, and the dump trucks will not have their engines on. You're preserving those trucks by having them transported.

The Sizes of the Trucks May Not Be Suitable for Many Roads

A lot of street-legal dump trucks are small enough to travel on normal city and suburb highways and streets. But some are oversize, and while you could technically drive them, you'd need to arrange for oversize permits and escort vehicles. That's doable if you're traveling within the same county, for example, but driving them across several hundred miles can be daunting, especially for more than one vehicle. Finding a company that will transport the dump trucks for you means that you'll no longer be responsible for all that paperwork or the hassle of actually getting them from point A to point B.

Companies that transport dump trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles can give you estimates quickly, but you'll want to meet with them to discuss prices and times in detail. The service they provide is well worth the money because they really are removing a huge workload from your shoulders.

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