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Things To Know About Finding The Best Trucking Jobs

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Have truck, will travel. That isn't quite the phrase, but if that's a motto you can live by, you stand the chance to make some good money. Trucking jobs pay an average of $61,431 annually, and some go well into six figures. So how can you find desirable trucking jobs?

1. Think about the truck jobs you are willing to take

The road is wide open to you once you figure out what kinds of trucking jobs you'd like to take. There are hauling jobs for grocery stores and retail. Dry van haulers drive around goods that fit securely on pallets, and flatbed truck drivers carry large and awkward items like vehicles and machinery. Tankers carry chemicals, flammable fluids and other kinds of liquids for industrial and construction hauls. 

Each job requires you to know a little bit more about driving and materials handling, and each may also require different licenses and certifications. 

2. Decide if you work better as an independent contractor or an employee

There is give and take with the types of jobs you take. Class A drivers that work for a company have a set contract with benefits. They work a certain number of jobs and hours each year and have a support system in place. If you work for yourself, you're considered an owner-operator. Owner-operators provide their own vehicle and are responsible for stringing together their own work. This is high-risk, high-reward because you also get to earn as much money as you can by setting your own schedule. 

Consider your own comfort level as you decide which career path is right for you. 

3. String together as much experience as possible to become a top candidate

Think of every job you take as a springboard to the next one. Subscribe to job sites after getting your license and training, and start taking smaller, lower-paying jobs at first to build experience. This experience will speak for itself as you climb further and further up the ladder and take on more responsibility. 

Do your best on every job so that you have professionals that will be happy to provide you with a reference. Always keep your safety record squeaky clean, and get plenty of rest between jobs so that you are refreshed and at your absolute best. 

When you can find trucking jobs, it's possible to build a career that is fun and high-paying. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers trucking jobs.