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Why You Are Better Off Outsourcing Cold Volume Warehousing

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Storage is relatively easy when you store a non-refrigerated product. But the moment that you store a refrigerated product, you have to worry about regulations that are meant to protect these products. Your business could choose to handle cold volume warehousing yourself, but it's much easier to rely on cold volume warehousing services.

Regulatory Standards Are Hard to Meet

You will want to make sure that your facility is AIB-certified. These standards are set by the American Institute for Baking and are responsible for ensuring quality and safety standards. Also, find out if there are any other regulatory standards required by your state.

Cold Volume Storage Can Be Inefficient

Running a cold storage facility can be expensive because facilities that are not properly equipped to store refrigerated products will cause more cold air to escape. This will lead to refrigeration units working harder to keep the products cool. You'll also need to make sure that you are utilizing space effectively. 

Quality Control Can Be Difficult

Your business needs quality control processes to make sure that your products remain safe to consume. For example, you'll need to inspect your warehouse to make sure that there are no sanitary issues. You'll need to verify that there are no safety issues. One way to avoid safety issues is with automated temperature monitoring. When there is a reading that is out of spec, this can trigger an immediate pager notification. 

Your Facility Must Be Certified Organic

If your facility is going to store organic products, it needs to be certified to do so. Cold storage is an important part of the organic food market because it is otherwise difficult to meet the demands of organic food. The moment that a food product is harvested, the farmer is typically doing everything he or she can to maximize the shelf life of the product. There is a growing demand for organic food, which has resulted from consumers being introduced to food products they've never heard of through social media and by e-commerce companies that sell organic products. 

Because you have unique needs, you don't want to have your products stored with the products of other businesses. Instead, you can have a dedicated facility or a facility that is available on demand. If you don't always have a need for cold volume warehousing, you can utilize these services when you have an excess of product and need a place to store it.