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4 Ways To Make A Staycation As Luxurious As Any Vacation

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Not everyone has the funds to take a lavish and exciting vacation. But that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to a luxurious time even if you're planning a "staycation" this year. How? Here are a few ways to treat yourself like a king or queen right from the comfort of your own home.

Hire a Cleaner. Who wants to do housework when you're on vacation? You wouldn't be doing it if you were staying at a fancy hotel, so why do it during your staycation? Hire a professional cleaning service either before or during your time off and enjoy watching someone else take care of you. 

Take a Limo Ride. Plan a great evening out with your friends, your partner, or just by yourself. Then, rent a luxury car and limo service to take you there. It could be to a favorite, expensive restaurant or to a local live theater performance. It could be a car to take your friends on a shopping trip or just a girls' night out. Hit a winery or two, or visit some local microbreweries and distilleries. Whatever you find indulgent, do it. And let someone else do the navigating while you have fun.

Be a Tourist. There are almost certainly things you haven't done in your local area — usually because you're busy with daily life or have the kids along. So, why not do them now? Research your home town, county, or neighboring cities to find things you've never done that sound like a good time. Or, just plan a trip to do something you enjoy but rarely get to do — like window shop in the downtown or find a new hiking path. Then, take lots of photos and get yourself a souvenir like any good tourist. 

Go Wild with Meals. Vacation is about trying new things and having special treats. So, translate that to your staycation by planning indulgent meal options. Spend the extra money to buy the good steak, try new cheeses, open an expensive bottle of wine, or splurge on a crazy dessert. Try a new ethnic restaurant or dine in an area of town you rarely get to. Be adventurous with your taste buds. 

No matter what your budget, a staycation can be as exciting as a trip to a new location. By indulging yourself in the same way you would on a fancy and pricey vacation, you'll have a relaxing and memorable time off.