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Prepare Your Employees Transportation Needs While They Are Out Of Town On Business

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Corporate traveling should be as convenient as possible so that your employees aren't stressed out prior to meetings or seminars that are being held at the hotel that they will be staying at. One way to take the burden off of the office members who will be flying to a distant state is by hiring an airport limo service for transportation needs during their stay.

An Hourly Rate Or Set Fee Will Be Charged

If your employees will be using a limousine service for a long duration and several stops will be requested during the time allotted, an hourly rate will be charged. Limousine services usually require a base rate that allows passengers to ride for several hours.

Think about any transportation barriers that your employees will face once they are dropped off at their hotel to determine if a chauffeur is needed for a longer duration. If you would like your staff members to be able to unwind a little after arriving and would like to treat them to lunch, shopping, or sightseeing, then reserve the driver and limousine for a block of time.

If there is public transportation near the hotel or if your employees are going to be staying in the hotel for the majority of the trip, then rent the limousine for a set rate that only includes picking up your staff members and dropping them off where they will be staying.

Some Amenities Will Be Provided

Amenities, such as air conditioning, beverages, ice, and a separated area that is partitioned with glass may be included with the rental fee. If your employees are merely going to be riding in the limousine during the trip to the hotel, the refrigerator may not be fully stocked. Extra beverages, stemware, and champagne holders are usually only provided if a group of people will be riding in a limousine for several hours. 

A Chauffeur Can Meet Indoors Or A Meet And Greet Service Can Be Utilized

Request that the assigned chauffeur meets your employees in the airport's baggage area. Because of security concerns, individuals cannot usually go through the portions of the airport that lead to the terminals.

If meeting indoors isn't a priority and your employees are comfortable with meeting outdoors near the front of the airport, a meet and greet service can be utilized so that your employees are led through the airport to the baggage area and then outdoors where the chauffeur is waiting. Check with the airport to see if this type of service is offered.