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Owner Operator Jobs In The Transportation Sector: Opportunities That Could Create Profit For You

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Owner operater jobs in the transportation sector are growing every day. More and more people are looking for ways to get to where they need to go and without the costs of vehicle ownership. If the sound of owning and operating a business where you are paid promptly for services rendered sounds like it could be something you want to do, here are some options and opportunities that could turn a profit for you.


This type of owner/operator job provides transportation to to and from hospitals, doctors' offices and medical clinics for patients who do not have their own transportation. Additionally, these vans are often equipped with wheelchair-accessible lifts so that clients with physical challenges are able to ride as well. Standard charges per mile or flat rates to all of the medical facilities in the area are two ways in which clients can pay you for your services.


There are never enough taxis when you need them, right? If you decide to open and operate a one-person taxi service, you may have some very heavy competition, but then you can undercut the competition with better rates. That, in turn, will increase your profits until you are able to purchase more cabs and pay drivers to help you. Eventually, you can work your way up to several cabs operating at once, and you can sit in the office as the dispatcher.

Private Sector Drivers for Flat-Rate Car Services

Recently two competing companies (Uber and Lyft) began a trend in flat-rate car services. As long as you have a decent car and a smartphone, you can make money as a driver. Even though you technically work for these companies, you are also working as an owner/operator of a transportation vehicle. You are in charge of when you work, how often you work and how much you want to make, simply by logging in to your account, getting into your car, and waiting for fares to signal you through the app that they need a ride. There is just one caveat--the nicer the car you drive, the more money you can make, so be sure that the car you put down as your moneymaker is the best vehicle you own because your rates will be based on the make and model of the vehicle. (For example, a black Cadillac or Lexus counts as a luxury ride, no matter who you pick up from where, and you are allowed to charge the luxury ride price.)