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Use These Strategies To Increase The Workout Benefit Of Your Rented Bicycle Experience

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Whether you're visiting a new city or just enjoying your own, a fun way to get around and see the sights is to rent a bicycle. While many people do so to cruise casually along designated paths or even the downtown area, you shouldn't overlook the fact that bicycling can provide you with a challenging workout that can provide many benefits, including strengthening muscles, burning calories for fat loss and improving your cardiovascular health. If you want to get the most out of your rented bicycle, as far fitness is concerned, here are some strategies that you can implement.

Keep Your Coasting To A Minimum

While coasting is fine when your main mission is sightseeing, it's less than ideal when you're determined to turn your bicycle rental experience into a fitness-boosting workout. When you're coasting, you're using very few muscles and aren't doing much for your physical fitness. Do your best to keep your feet moving at all times. Doing so will elevate your caloric burn and improve the overall fitness benefits of your ride.

Change To A Harder Gear

If your rented bicycle is equipped with multiple gears, simply changing the gear you're pedaling in can increase the fitness benefits of the activity. If you're pedaling with too must ease, consider changing gears so that your pedaling is more difficult. This will challenge your lower-body muscles and cardiovascular health more, as well as heighten your caloric burn. One simple approach is to pedal in various intervals. For example, pedal in a harder gear for five minutes and then switch into an easier gear for a minute. You can then repeat this pattern as much as you'd like.

Head For The Hills

A quick way to elevate the physical challenge — and the fitness reward — of your bike ride is to find some hills to climb. They don't have to be overly rigorous; even pedaling up a gentle slope can provide a challenge for your body. Even if you have to switch into an easier gear to ascend the hill, it's still putting your body through a considerable challenge.

Load Up On Weight

Another simple way to boost the fitness benefits of bicycling is to carry more weight with you. If you're wearing a backpack when you rent your bicycle, stop at a local store and buy a few large bottles of water. In addition to providing hydration to counteract the sweat you'll be losing, they'll also increase your weight. This means that your body will have to work harder to propel yourself forward, which will help to build your muscles and burn calories faster.

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