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Renting A Car-Hauling Trailer: Mistakes To Avoid

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Whether you're moving a significant distance away or are even purchasing a car from somebody in another state, there are many reasons as to why you'd need to rent a hauling trailer for a vehicle. Specifically, hitching a hauling trailer to another vehicle is a great way to transport a car from point A to point B without putting any wear and tear on the engine itself. Before you rent a trailer in which to haul a vehicle, however, there are some common mistakes you'll need to avoid.

Estimating Your Measurements

Take the time to get exact measurements of the vehicle you'll be hauling. Never rely on rough estimates, as the last thing you want is a trailer that's too large or too small for the vehicle you need to tow. If you end up with a trailer that's too large, you'll waste your money. On the other hand, a trailer that's not quite big enough can put the vehicle you're transporting at risk of damage.

Ignoring Your Towing Capacity

You'll also need to review your owner's manual for the vehicle you're using the haul the trailer itself. Specifically, check that it not only has a towing hitch, but that the hitch is rated for the weight capacity you need. If not, then you'll need to rent a vehicle with a larger towing capacity; never attempt to tow more than what your hitch is rated to. Doing so could put yourself and other drivers at risk.

Choosing the Wrong Trailer Type

When it comes to the trailer in which you'll be hauling your vehicle, understand that you have a few options to choose from. Which one is right for you can vary based on the type of car you're looking to haul and the terrain over which you'll be traveling. For example, a dolly trailer will likely be your cheapest option, but will leave your vehicle open to the elements. An enclosed trailer, on the other hand, will provide protection from the elements but will cost significantly more to rent.

Failing to Review Insurance Coverage

Finally, make sure to review your current auto insurance policy to find out what kind of coverage you'll have when hauling the vehicle and trailer. If offered by the trailer rental company, it's never a bad idea to purchase additional coverage that can save you from out-of-pocket costs in the event that the trailer is damaged.

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