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Taking A Charter Bus Trip With A Small Child

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If you plan on traveling via charter bus with a toddler, you are most likely a bit nervous about their demeanor while amidst several other people. Traveling via bus can be an exciting time for a younger child if you take the time to prepare in advance. Here are some fun ways to keep your child occupied during a long trip while making sure they are safe in the process.

Keep Your Child Entertained With Movies

Many charter buses come equipped with electrical outlets for each passenger to utilize at their discretion. Consider bringing along a laptop or portable DVD player so your child can watch some of their favorite movies or television programs while traveling. The electronic item can be placed on the tray of the seat in front of the child for convenience. Some charter buses have television monitors installed in the vehicle, so it is a good idea to check beforehand so you do not need to haul around your own equipment if it is not needed. Bring along a pair of child-sized headphones so your child does not disturb others as they watch the screen.

Limit Trips To The Restroom

Most small potty-trained children are fascinated by bathrooms other than the one they have at home. To help limit the number of trips your child wants to take to the restroom on the bus, refrain from having them drink too many beverages while on your journey. Allow your child to sip at a beverage when they are thirsty, but do not leave it in their possession to drink out of boredom or you will be taking more walks to the toilet then you wish. Consider giving your child a few written "passes" they can cash in with you for a trip to the restroom. This will space out the number of times they want to check it out, allowing you to make it a fun venture rather than a repeat occurrence throughout the trip.

Bring Along A Grab Bag

One way to keep your child entertained is with a bag full of surprises. Fill the bag with activities your child can enjoy when they start acting bored. Place a coloring book and crayons, small puzzles, exciting snacks, a deck of cards and other toys inside the bag. Call the charter bus service (like Charis Enterprises LLC and other businesses) to find out the route they will be taking to your destination and make a fun game of bingo to play with your child with pictures of landmarks you know will be along the roads you are travelling.