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Paying The Best Rate For Limousine Service

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If you plan on flying into a major city on business, you will most likely need transportation to and from the airport as well as to corporate functions you need to attend. While renting a vehicle or taking a cab is an option, some business travelers prefer premiere limousine service for relaxing comfort and a favorable appearance while out and about representing their company. If you plan on using a limo, keeping the cost within budget is desired. Here are a few ways you can enjoy the benefit of limo transportation without risking a reprimand from your manager when you submit your bill.

Ask For A Standard Vehicle

If you are not planning on having customers get into the limousine with you at any point you are traveling, the interior of your vehicle will not be seen by others, allowing you to select a vehicle without frills. Let the limousine service know you plan on utilizing the vehicle for transportation only and any added features they have available for weddings or parties are not necessary for your ride. They may select a smaller vehicle for your transport, however, the benefits of having a ready-made ride still remain the same.

Call A Smaller Service

If you select a limousine service without a large following, you are more likely to obtain a cheaper rate as their fleet may not be as extensive. A service just starting out or that is not as well-known may offer cheaper rates in an attempt to get themselves acclimated in the area as a reputable service. Consider trying an underdog service if you are strapped for cash as they are apt to offer the same amenities as a larger limousine company at a reduced rate. 

Ask For A Discount Beforehand

When you call a limousine service, ask them for the cheapest rate they have available beforehand. If they are aware you are concerned about pricing, they may offer you a lower rate if you ask. It is a good idea to call several companies and get an idea of the going rate in the area. Use these prices to your advantage by asking companies if they offer a price match that another company offers. You may be able to whittle the price down using this information.

Be Accommodating About Pickup Times

Let a limousine company know you are flexible in the timing of their pickup in an attempt for a lower rate. The service may be able to squeeze in your ride in between larger jobs they already have scheduled. Giving the service the chance for some extra cash at their time discretion may be enticing to them as it will not change their set scheduling for the day. Selecting service at off-peak hours can be cost-effective if you do not mind waiting for a ride.