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Preparing For Your First Helicopter Tour

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Whether you were signed up for a helicopter tour by a friend or family member, or you had decided you want an adventure to take and you signed up yourself, you are about to embark on an experience you'll remember forever. As someone who had never flown in a helicopter in the past, you must have plenty of questions about the ordeal. Read on to find out how to prepare for the tour ahead of you.

Know How Long The Tour Lasts

It is important that you are aware of the amount of time you are expecting to be up in the air. This allows you to prepare to take in all the sites around you before the tour ends, gives you ample time for photographs and videos, and also gives you an idea about how much land you'll cover during your tour. If you had not yet set up a tour, knowing the amount of time you prefer to be flying is necessary. If you have a bit of anxiety about the ordeal, opt for a shorter tour. If you want to fly to areas you cannot access by vehicle or simply enjoy thrill experiences, sign up for one that lasts a bit longer. 

Select The Perfect Flying Outfit

There are no requirements when it comes to what you wear when you take a helicopter tour. It is wise however to be selective about the articles of clothing you decide to put on. You want to be as comfortable as possible so you are not spending time adjusting waistbands or dealing with wardrobe malfunction issues when you want to focus on the land below you. Take the temperature into consideration so you can pack an extra layer if conditions are expected to be cool or take one off if it gets warm while you are onboard.

Know The Safety Rules

You will be prompted on the rules of flying before the helicopter takes off. It is still a good idea to read over recommendations about flying via the tour company you select before your tour date arrives. This information is usually provided through the mail with a receipt of payment or on a tour company's website. When you ride in a helicopter, you wear a seatbelt just as you do when flying in a commercial aircraft. You also wear headphones so you can hear the pilot in case you need instructions to follow.

For more information on helicopter tours, contact a professional near you.